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Gridline Interiors News

A local contractor is taking the construction industry by storm with a fresh new approach. Gridline Interiors are a commercial/residential contractor in Melbourne and they are welcome change to an industry where the standard of work and customer service is in decline.

A change for the better.

Gridline's director Jason Smart feels that "the industry is riddled with inefficient and sub-standard workmanship and unreliable contractors that put the needs of themselves above their customers. We saw the need for better quality work, and we can deliver". Jason and his team ensure the costs are kept to a minimum and keeps the projects moving forward, "We can't get stuck in the old methods, we are looking for better ways to do the work and reduce the costs". Gridline Interiors are starting to make a serious contribution to commercial construction in Melbourne...

Office: (03)5979 8647

Jason:       0419 556 723