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Suspended Ceilings

Gridline Interiors are the commercial ceilings specialists. We are fully experienced in all forms of ceiling and suspended ceilings systems. We can install many types of ceiling and the final results are simply impressive. A suspended ceiling is a fantastic way to make an office, shop or factory look professional.

Flush Plasterboard, Acoustic Mineral fibre tiled - two way exposed grid or concealed

Suspended Acoustic Grid Ceiling. Suspended Perforated Grid Ceiling.

Ceiling Choice

Depending on the application, some ceiling styles would clearly be more suited to your work area then others. If you are considering improvements to an old office you could quickly improve the look of that office space by simply having the existing ceiling tiles removed and replaced with new acoustic mineral fibre tiles. This would be one of the more affordable solutions.

The drawback to this is that you are putting new tiles into an existing grid system which is much older. This will not look as good because all grid systems discolour with age and can be damaged over time through wear and tear. Sometimes its better to start over and have the entire ceiling removed and replaced with a brand new grid system and new tiles. If your existing office ceiling is more than 20 years old or is looking tired, it might be worth getting a quote to have it renewed.

It is well worth the investment to brighten up your workspace, improve the office environment and company image when your clients walk in!

Acoustic Tiles

These are ideal for office environments, they look good and provide excellent acoustics. They are light and easy to replace and provide great access to the ceiling space for services such as data, cables, aircon and fire services. Acoustic tiles are not suitable to be installed in food preparation areas.

A1 newly installed suspended acoustic grid ceiling.
Plaster Vinyl Tiles

Ideal for warehouse or factory environments, they have a shiny white smooth surface. While their acoustics do not provide the same NRC or CAC ratings, they are more durable and less prone to damage from drafts near rollerdoors etc.

Flush Plasterboard Ceiling

This is your regular everyday type ceiling that is installed in most houses. The difference between a common domestic ceiling is that it is suspended on a concealed grid system. This ceiling style is ideal for reception areas and boardrooms. A suspended flush plaster ceiling can be accessed via a flush jointed access panel for services. This ceiling type can be used in conjunction with acoustic tiles, bulkheads, features such as light troughs and curved bulkheads or a combination of both.

We can suspend your new ceiling anyway you desire.

Fixed Prices On:
  • 1200mm X 600mm 2 way Exposed Drop in Panel Grid T-Bar Systems.
  • 13mm / 10mm screw fixed CSR Plasterboard fixed to 28mm furring channels suspended on Atkar / Rondo systems.
  • 19mm / 28mm Furring Channels direct fixed to trusses,purlings and concrete with screw fixed CSR Plasterboard.
  • Bulkheads of all styles.
  • Light troughs and coffers in both CSR Plasterboard and MDF.
  • Perforated Acoustic CSR Plasterboard.
  • Acoustic Ceilings for apartments suspended on sound dampening Resilient Mounts.
  • Luxalon Ceilings.
  • Durra Panel - Easiboard Acoustic Ceilings.
  • Ceiling Demolition and Repairs.

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